What is ArtWorkCity.com?

ArtWork City is an artist solutions company build to help New Zealand artist.

Our aim is to provide a platform where artists can easily reach buyers without the need to spend time to market their art because we will do the marketing for them, this removes the barrier for artists to enter the online market


Why do NZ artists need help?

All New Zealanders median income for all New Zealanders earning a wage or salary

Source: Kantar Media 2022


Creative professionals median total income for creative professionals


Benefits of ArtWorkCity.com?

  • Professional Online Marketing (Just do art and we will handle the marketing for you)
  • Free to use (only 20% commission on successful transaction +Payment fee)
  • Easiest way for your art to show up in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Tiktok Ads and Google shopping
  • Local support (NZ based company)
  • Automated (just register and upload your wall art to sell)
  • Wall viewer funcion (clients can view and scroll your art directly on their wall)
  • Voice recording function (you can tell the story behind th art when you upload your work)
  • SEO ready
  • Afterpay ready